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JDK 9 Outreach highlights additions, changes coming to Java 9

Natali Vlatko
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Want a quick reference to what’s new, different or absent from the upcoming Java 9? Oracle’s Dalibor Topic has put together a great guide to ensure the Java community has all the information it needs for the upcoming release.

For developers eager to try out the new stuff coming to Java 9, Principal Product Manager at Oracle Dalibor Topic has put together a comprehensive list that outlines the additions, changes and removal of features slated for the September 2016 release.

On top of the features list, Topic has included some suggested testing you can do to prepare for the Java 9 shipment. Topic adds that it’s simpler to “start by building your code in your familiar build environment, and test it by running it on JDK 9, than to start by building it on JDK 9”.

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To that end, Oracle have already released a preview of NetBeans 9 that allows users to play around with an early access build of JDK 9, with other IDEs similarly following suit. In an email to the London Java Community (LJC), Java Engineer Trisha Gee confirmed that IntelliJ IDEA was on board with early build access:

IntelliJ IDEA does support Java 9, you can use the OpenJDK version of Java 9 as your project SDK the same as any other version of Java. You can also select 9 as your language level. I’ve tested out one of my projects with the latest Java 9 build (on IntelliJ 14.1) and it works just fine, I’m going to do a bit more checking to see what the support for Java 9 language features is like.

On the Eclipse front, Alex Blewitt confirmed in the same email thread that pre-release support for Eclipse Mars and Java 9 was available through an install from the Eclipse Marketplace.

For now, Eclipse must run with Java 9 if you want to use it in your workspace, with the beta support preview containing the following:

  • Ability to add JRE and JDK 9 as installed JRE
  • Support for JavaSE-1.9 execution environment
  • Ability to create Java and Plug-in projects that use a JRE or JDK 9

Topic’s guide provides links to JEPs, mailing list threads or JBS issues where possible and underlines the the JDK 9 changes that may affect your code. His list has been compiled with the help of JEPs targeted for JDK 9 with the following additions:

  • OCSP stapling for TLS
  • Parser API for Nashorn
  • Validate JVM command-line flag arguments

As for removals, we’ll be saying farewell to the jhat tool, launch-time JRE version selection, GC combinations deprecated in JDK 8 and references to java.awt.peer and java.awt.dnd.peer packages.

The complete guide can be accessed at the OpenJDK Wiki here.

Natali Vlatko
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