JavaFX Composer For NetBeans IDE 6.8 Released


The JavaFX Composer team have announced Preview 2 of their plugin for NetBeans IDE 6.8. JavaFX Composer provides a visual editor; data access to Web Services, databases and local storages; and support for JavaFX binding.

In Preview 2 each property has a simple animation assigned by default, and specified by inherited interpolation and inherited duration. The default animation of a state variable is the top level and cannot be inherited. In Preview 1, animations had to be manually specified.

Preview 2 also introduces the ability to design colours, linear gradients and radical gradients. These can be dragged and dropped into a design as Resources from ‘JavaFX Resources’ category within the palette. There are new options for choosing a transition type in the “Exclusively Visible” template. Additionally, you may specify an interpolator and a duration for the visibility and the opacity transitions.

Preview 2 is available to download and install through NetBeans Update Centre.


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