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January 1st, 2018: End of Mailing Lists

Geertjan Wielenga

If you’ve been following Oracle’s Apache NetBeans donation process, you’ll be aware that a large part of NetBeans is in Apache Git already. You should also be aware that mailing lists are available at Apache for purposes of discussing the development and usage of Apache NetBeans.

By means of this announcement, we’re letting you know that as of January 1st, 2018, the mailing lists will be deleted (they are archived at, all references to mailing lists will, where possible, be replaced with references to Apache NetBeans mailing lists, and everyone will need to manually move to the Apache NetBeans @dev ([email protected]) and Apache NetBeans @user ([email protected]) mailing lists.

To subscribe to these lists, send an empty e-mail to one or both of the below:

[email protected]

[email protected]

You can anonymously browse the Apache NetBeans mail archives via[email protected] and[email protected].

What is the difference between the above? Anyone asking questions about the usage of NetBeans, whether for Java, JavaScript, C/C++, or any other language or technology, as well as those using the NetBeans APIs for developing modules and applications, will use the Apache NetBeans @user mailing list. Using prefix tags in the subject line, such as [netcat] or  is encouraged, to clearly distinguish the topic you’re addressing in your e-mail. If and when it turns out that too many developers of one category dominate the @user mailing list, a separate Apache NetBeans mailing list will be created for them. The Apache NetBeans @dev mailing list is specifically for those committed to working on the development of Apache NetBeans itself, as well as those committed to promoting and documenting it, via events and tutorials, etc.

Note that we will be discontinuing the web forums, i.e.,, and that in Apache there is no replacement for that — Apache projects work with mailing lists only. Also, the website as a whole will move to Apache, while issues can already be filed at, which is now the official place for filing Apache NetBeans issues.

Hoping to see you all on the Apache NetBeans mailing lists, you’re encouraged to move there as soon as possible and to not write to the mailing lists anymore.

For more info and background about the NetBeans move to Apache, watch a recent YouTube clip here.


Geertjan Wielenga

Open source enthusiast at Oracle and Apache.