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Eclipse to get Android injection with Proteus?

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Google’s Android Studio has Eclipse playing catch-up with a new Android project that aims to bring its IDE into the realm of mobile development.

If you’re in the Android development business and looking for a good environment to developer in, you’ll likely have encountered Android Studio. Based on JetBrains’ open-source IntelliJ IDEA, this new IDE ​​by Google is not quite production-ready just yet. But it’s already being treated as a future number one hit.

Meanwhile, Eclipse is struggling to keep up in terms of “hipness” in Android-Tooling. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most widely used platforms for development. So the logical thing for Eclipse to do would be to bring a new momentum to Eclipse Android tooling.

Proteus Android tooling

And that’s exactly what Eclipse Proteus is about. The aim of the project is to develop and run technologies for creating Android apps. Assuming it is realised, new and existing Eclipse components are to be updated and improved. The idea is that Proteus will offer Android Eclipse Tooling without complications, residing within the Eclipse Tools Project.

Android patchwork family

According to the proposal, if the Proteus project successfully makes its way through the Eclipse process, the Google ADT plugins will be integrated and refactored under the one roof. Google’s has already given its blessing for the fork and the former MOTODEV plugins of Motorola Mobility, will also find a new home in Proteus.

Other open source projects that have failed to succeed in the past, should be brought back to life meaningful functionality within Proteus. It’s this combination of several individual components, joining forces in one entity, that provides the main motivation for Proteus. The following components should be included in Proteus :

  • JDT for Android-Java
  • CDT for C/C++ Shared Libraries
  • Gradle Builds via Spring Gradle Tools in Eclipse
  • Maven Build Support over the M2E Android Eclipse Plug-in
  • Ant Support
  • Google’s ADT Fork Plug-in for Eclipse
  • MOTODEV Studio Plug-ins
  • P2 Repository and Product Build
  • Mylyn Reviews
  • EGit
  • GitHub-Plug-in for EGit

The roadmap

If everything goes according to plan, there will be a first EPP package of Proteus before the next Eclipse release train. Following this, further build and test automation environments should be supported and refactoring classes are also in the works. Detailed information can be found on the Eclipse Proposal page.

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