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Damir Demirović: My five favourite NetBeans features

Damir Demirović

Continuing a series of articles focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features, here’s the next part, by Damir Demirović.

My name is Damir (@object_brain). Friends call me Dax. I am a developer from Serbia, working at Micro Business d.o.o. We are focused on developing business solutions software strictly in Java and our main product is named BusinessWare. Our mission is developing cross-platform independent business software in order to support our clients. Until recently, we’ve been developing a Java Swing application, though we’re about to start developing a web solution to increase availability. Therefore, recently, we started developing a Java EE application using Vaadin.

Before joining Micro Business, I worked mostly as a web designer. When I joined the company, which is mostly based on Java technologies, I became familiar with NetBeans IDE. My boss, who is also my mentor, showed me around NetBeans IDE and explained to me how it works. Since then I’ve discovered many of its features.

What are your 5 favorite NetBeans features?

  1. I like NetBeans IDE for its wide compatibility. It can simply do everything for you and support you with whatever you decide to code. Since my main focus has been on web development, NetBeans IDE surprised me the first time I created a new HTML5 project:damir-nb-1

    After creating an HTML5 project, code completion works instantly, while plugins are easy to install, and NetBeans IDE even implemented Bootstrap for me! So now I am using NetBeans IDE for web development as well as for Java.

  2. I also like the theming in NetBeans IDE. You can simply make your own style. You can choose the color and style of everything. I remember when I was 9 years old and I saw a movie where some kid was hacking inside a terminal. I vividly remember green code on a black background, so once I discovered how to theme NetBeans IDE, the first thing I did was change it into black background and green syntax:damir-nb-3
    Now, my style is a bit different, though I still prefer to stay on the “dark” side of theming, instead of the default light and white. For example, here’s the Darcula look and feel in action:damir-nb-2
  3. Another great feature that I discovered is the NetBeans Connector plugin for Chrome. With the NetBeans Connector plugin for Chrome, you can debug and show live HTML DOM elements in NetBeans IDE:damir-nb-6

    For example, many times it’s happened that I am testing various designs for forms, fonts, borders, and so on. Usually, I would have to save files, then find them in the explorer again, and open them to see even the smallest changes. In NetBeans IDE it’s enough to just click Save or quickly press CTRL + S. It might seem like nothing, but it’s a very useful and time saving feature.

  4. There are also several small time saving tricks. For example, you can edit one variable everywhere inside the code in only a few seconds:damir-nb-5
  5. Split coding is also amazing. You can open your HTML and CSS at the same time and code them simultaneously:damir-nb-4

Finally, it’s important to mention that NetBeans IDE is always up to date and following the latest technologies. And it’s directly supported by Oracle which is a huge deal, of course.


Damir Demirović

My name is Damir. Friends call me Dax. I am a developer from Serbia, working at Micro Business d.o.o.