Onwards to the first official Apache NetBeans incubator release!

Apache NetBeans: From open source to open governance

Geertjan Wielenga

What’s been going on in the Apache Incubator since October 2016 is, in software development terms, nothing short of revolutionary.

Seldom before has a project and community the size and scale of NetBeans moved intact and in one piece from a corporation to a software foundation.

At this point, the Apache NetBeans Git repo contains around 6M lines of code, most of it in the ‘main’ repo dedicated to Java development, with a significant subset on a branch dedicated to Web development that is yet to be integrated, once the current release is finalized and out the door.

And there’s an awesome new branding style throughout, as can be seen below:

There’s also a new site, to which will be redirected once donated to Apache:

The quarterly (and initially monthly) contributions to Apache Incubator PMC reports, strung together, relate the whole process to where we are now: July 2018January 2018, October 2017, April 2017January 2017December 2016, and November 2016.

However, there is still a long way to go, with many possibilities of things going very right or very wrong.

We Need You!

And where are we right now? Well, right now we’re trying to release Apache NetBeans (incubating) 9.0, which involves two tasks that everyone is encouraged to take part in. The more participation in the two tasks below, the better:

1. Apache NetBeans PPMC Vote. Vote in the Apache NetBeans PPMC thread, click here to read the related Apache NetBeans dev mail thread. Anyone can do this, whether you’re involved in Apache NetBeans or not. Doing this means more than putting a +1, it means downloading the sources, building them, looking at keys, etc, as described above.

2. Apache NetBeans Community Acceptance Survey. Fill out the Community Acceptance survey, which is focused on the functionality (versus the sources, which is what the PPMC thread is about), which takes about 5 minutes. Click here for details and to fill out the survey.

After the above two processes are done, which is planned for July 22, we’ll start the Apache NetBeans IPMC vote, to enable the members of the Apache Incubator to approve the release, after which Apache NetBeans 9.0 will be released, which should take place during the first weeks of August. These are the tentative plans, as described here in the Apache NetBeans blog.

Note: Apache NetBeans 9.0 is focused specifically on Java SE tooling. For those who want to make use of other kinds of technologies in Apache NetBeans, note that that is not officially supported in Apache NetBeans 9.0. Right after we release Apache NetBeans 9.0, we’ll start working on the branch where the 2nd donation is found, which contains all the features for technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, enterprise Java, Groovy, and so on. In the meantime, though at your own risk, you can register the NetBeans IDE 8.2 Update Center under Tools | Plugins of Apache NetBeans 9.0, which will give you access to all the missing modules, e.g., PHP, JavaScript, enterprise Java, Groovy, and so on.

Onwards to the first open source and open governance development tool governed by the Apache Software Foundation!


Geertjan Wielenga

Geertjan is an open source enthusiast at Oracle focused on free and open source technologies.