Landmark release for the revolutionary IDE

NetBeans 7.1 brings JavaFX to the table

Chris Mayer

First time Java FX 2.0 has been in the open source IDE. Also includes a vastly improved Swing GUI builder

The premier open source development environment just got that little bit sweeter as NetBeans 7.1 landed late on Thursday – somehow adding more tools to an already fully stocked toolbox

Oracle seem to be building the hype around Netbeans 7.1 IDE being the first to include JavaFX 2.0 support, and releasing the beginning of the year seems the perfect time to do that. JavaFX 2.0 looks to be set for a big year within the community and Oracle are willing to recognise the importance of appeasing as many people as possible.

Of course, NetBeans’s cross platform nature means developers can create desktop, web and mobile applications on the Java platform and smart tools for C/C++, PHP, JavaScript and Groovy are provided. Consequently there’s a ton of upgrades to talk about. All are documented in the release notes but the highlight reel this time round includes:

  • First to Support JavaFX 2.0 –   the full compile/debug/profile development cycle all enabled to develop JavaFX 2.0 applications. All three deployment models (
  • UI Debugger for JavaFX and Swing – a visual debugger that can be used to pinpoint elusive problems within the code.
  • Enhanced Java Editor - significant enhancements including the requested batch refactoring tool, import organiser and 
  • Support for both WebLogic 12c and GlassFish 3.1.1
  • Industry leading Maven support
  • Git integration
  • Improved PHP support
  • New Java EE Features

NetBeans seems to be on the pulse for all the latest technologies. There were some interesting quotes from those at Oracle and where NetBeans fits into its vision for the future. Oracle’s Tools and Middleware chief architect, Ted Farrell said:

The latest NetBeans IDE release provides the Java developer community with many new features to help them create leading-edge Web, mobile and enterprise applications.

As the first IDE to support JavaFX 2.0, NetBeans IDE 7.1 not only gives developers rich support for developing JavaFX 2.0 applications, but also ensures they have access to all of the advances delivered in the latest Java platform releases

NetBeans 7.1 is available to download for Oracle Solaris, Linux, Apple Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. To find out just some of the new things you can do with it, check out this excellent 10 minute video that just scratches the surface.

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