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NativeScript v6.0 adds AndroidX support and fast patch delivery

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NativeScript hits a new milestone with the release of version 6.0. This update includes new features, including support for the AndroidX library, dark theme, font icon support, and more. View the latest changes and find out how to migrate your NativeScript apps over to the latest stable release.

NativeScript is an open source mobile framework created and supported by Telerik. With it, developers can create native, cross-platform iOS and Android apps with Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript, and/or JavaScript.

Now, NativeScript v6.0 is live.

Check out some of the new features in the latest milestone.

Latest changes & new features

According to the announcement blog, some of the new features to version 6.0 include:

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  • AndroidX support: AndroidX improves upon the Android Support Library. (Read more about the AndroidX library and its advantages here on the Android Developers Blog.) The Android Support Library and AndroidX cannot be used together in the same project. This means that moving forward, AndroidX stands as the only supported library in the Android ecosystem.
  • Faster patches: The NativeScript AppSync plugin delivers asset patch fixes fast, with no need to go to the app store. Anything inside the /app folder and the /node_modules folder can be AppSync’ed. This service is currently in beta phase. View it on GitHub.
  • Dark mode: Save your eyes with the new dark theme interface in preparation in iOS 13’s Dark Mode.
  • Kendo UI Theme Builder: Create a skin based on the Material specification.
  • Core Theme Plug & Play: No more manually setting class components. The theme repo on GitHub gives you some room to demo theme features.
  • TabView components now styleable: All TabView changes currently in beta.
  • Font icon support: Now supported in TabView, ActionBar, and Image components.
  • Angular 8 support
  • Node.js 12 support
  • Unified Bundle Workflow: Legacy Workflow no longer available. The Bundle Workflow is now the single unified application building way.
  • Hot Module Replacement enabled by default
  • Updated V8 and WebKit
  • Support for Animating Height and Width properties: As per this pull request on GitHub

Migrate to v6.0

Ready to migrate to the latest version?

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This blog post from Stanimira Vlaeva will walk you through how to migrate your apps using the tns migrate CLI command.

If you aren’t on board yet, you can give it a test run in your browser without local setup. All you need is a companion app.

A release webinar is planned for Thu, Jul 18, 2019 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CEST. The webinar will discuss new features and how app developers can implement them.

View the documentation.

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