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MySQL-Based MariaDB Reaches 5.2.2 and is Amazon Planning An Android Market?

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, new release for Scala 2.8 based template engine, ‘Scalate.’

RC for MySQL-based MariaDB 5.2.2

A release candidate of the MySQL-based MariaDB 5.2.2 is out now!

This release introduces extended user statistics, including information such as client, user, index and table, and the key cache’s global mutex is split into several mutex in an effort to improve speed under multi user load. Authentication is done via a plugin, and more information about plugins should now be available, due to enhancements to the INFORMATION SCHEMA.PLUGINS table. This release candidate also features the new ‘OQGRAPH’ and ‘Sphinx’ storage engines.

Amazon To Open An Android Market?

According to the Wall Street Journal, is planning to open its own Android app market.

Apparently, Amazon plans to charge developers 30% of app sales – the same fee Google and Apple currently charge. Amazon also stipulate that apps sold through their store can’t be offered at a lower price anywhere else. Amazon already competes with Apple when it comes to the sale of digital music, videos and books and, of course, Google already operate their own Android Market. The Wall Street Journal places the total number of apps on Google’s website, at 80,000.

Scala 2.8 Based Template Engine

Scalate 1.3 has been released.

Scalate is a Scala 2.8-based template engine. It can be used with web frameworks, such as JAXRS, Lift and Play, or with servlets and integration frameworks like Apache Camel. The template languages Ssp, Scaml, and Mustache are all supported. With this release, the Jade template syntax is also supported, and a new Servlet Filter has been added for mapping templates in a web application.

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