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Performance Schema Tables Changes with MySQL

MySQL 5.5.6 RC With Security Fixes

Jessica Thornsby

Performance Schema interface reductions with latest MySQL RC.

A Release Candidate of MySQL 5.5.6 is out now!

This release reduces the overhead for the Performance Schema interface and the SHA2() function now returns a character string with the connection character set and collation. Previously, the SHA2() function returned a binary string. When it comes to Performance Schema tables, there have been a number of changes. The SETUP_OBJECTS table has been removed, the PROCESSLIST table has been renamed to THREADS, and the EVENTS_WAITS_SUMMARY_BY_EVENT_NAME table also has a new name: EVENTS_WAITS_SUMMARY_GLOBAL_BY_EVENT_NAME.

There are also a number of security fixes, including addressing a malformed argument to the BINLOG statement, which sometimes resulted in a server crash.

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