MuleSoft To Launch Apache Tomcat In The Cloud


This week, Web Middleware company MuleSoft is launching Cloudcat, which will make Apache Tomcat Web application server available as a cloud-based service on both Amazon Web Services and GoGrid cloud platforms. Cloudcat will contain the latest version of Apache Tomcat with MySQL running on a Linux distribution.

Cloudcat will provide a virtual image for developers and quality assurance persons to build and test connected Web applications in the cloud, taking advantage of the elasticity of cloud computing. Applications are put on Cloudcat in the same way as on a local Tomcat server, and Cloudcat could be potentially used as an alternative to Tomcat on an internal server.

However, Cloudcat lacks the full Java stack. “You probably won’t deploy your Siebel application on Tomcat,” said Chris Purpura, MuleSoft vice president of business and corporate development.

Cloudcat offers integration with the Apache Maven Java repository and Tcat REST APIs. Its Amazon Edition will be available from 35 cents per hour and will feature Canonical Ubuntu Linux. Cloudcat GoGrid Edition will be available from $29 per month, featuring Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Apache Tomcat is downloaded over 1 million times per month and MuleSoft reports over 70% Tomcat penetration in the enterprise datacenter. For more information, and to purchase a subscription, visit the MuleSoft website.


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