Middleware to middleman

MuleSoft launches Anypoint integration platform and bags $37m funding

Chris Mayer

Well known for their Java enterprise service bus, MuleSoft now want to become the hub for the ‘New Enterprise’.

MuleSoft has taken the covers off their new enterprise platform Anypoint, as well as unveiling a new round of investment to the tune of $37m.

The company is pushing its latest product as an all-consuming cloud-connecting hub, designed to marry together legacy apps with the new breed of modern mobile and web-based options.

Founded in 2006, MuleSoft quickly made their name supplying middleware products, particularly with MuleESB, an open source Java enterprise service bus. Moving into the cloud to become an enterprise middleman is a big shift in strategy for MuleSoft, but one the company firmly believe in. They’ve even coined the marketing buzzword “New Enterprise” to describe the sprawling infrastructure which companies now have to keep tabs on.

CTO and co-founder Ross Mason told GigaOM that Anypoint is “the blueprint” to combine on-premise systems with SaaS and mobile platforms. Anypoint bundles together MuleSoft’s old guard, including Mule ESB and cloud integration platform CloudHub, with new services focused on API creation and management.

These include design toolkit APIkit and API Manager, which in unison allow companies to parcel software together and push it out to others. MuleSoft are also keen on pushing APIhub, which as the name would suggest, a social network for sharing major open source APIs. MuleSoft claim there’s a repository of 13,000 APIs readily available and are hoping to spark a community from this. 

The package also includes connection broker Service Registry and Mule Studio, a graphical development environment for creating applications in-house or in the cloud.

Once you get around the buzzword heavy announcement, there is indeed a point to Anypoint. Modern companies might be savvy enough to manage their services, but plenty more are struggling to mix old services with the new, and also failing to take advantage of the plethora of new endpoints out there. MuleSoft’s new integration vehicle could be the answer, and with $81m already pumped into the company, it seems that others agree.

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