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Monitoring MQTT things with mqttwarn

JAXenter Editorial Team

All things speak MQTT. Even Japanese IoT toilets speak MQTT. But how does one keep tabs on all your things’ MQTT publishes? Enter a small plugin-packed Python program called mqttwarn.

Are you planning to write the Nth program to notify Twitter via an MQTT publish? Do you want to monitor MQTT publishes and notify Nagios/Icinga or Zabbix? Have you ever literally heard an MQTT published message?

mqttwarn is a Python program which subscribes to arbitrary MQTT topics and uses plugins to notify services. In this video talk below, Internet of Things conference speaker Jan-Piet Mens presents mqttwarn and some of its plugins and shows us how to put it to use for monitoring.

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As mqttwarn author Jan Piet Mens tells us, this small Python program “subscribes to any number of MQTT topics (which may include wildcards) and publishes received payloads to one or more notification services, including support for notifying more than one distinct service for the same message.”

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