Mozilla Jetpack SDK 0.1 Released


Mozilla have announced the first milestone release of their Jetpack Software Development Kit (SDK).

Jetpack SDK 0.1 ships with an extensible library of APIs for writing both Firefox add-ons and stand-alone web-based applications; and a set of command-line tools for packaging and security-hardening your code into distributable packages. It is built on CommonJS, HTML5, CSS and Javascript standards.

However, this release does not provide APIs for building rich add-ons. These will be added in future releases.

The Jetpack SDK will replace the Jetpack 0.8 prototype over the coming months, but for now Mozilla recommends that developers looking to create simple extensions should continue to use the Jetpack 0.8 prototype.Currently, Jetpack SDK is only aimed at developers who know how to use a command-line shell, as the development tools are only usable from this point onwards.

Jetpack SDK 0.2 is currently scheduled for release on March 29th, 2010, according to the recently released Jetpack roadmap.