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Mozilla Bespin Becomes Skywriter and Moves to GitHub

Jessica Thornsby

The Mozilla team reveal they are planning to develop a XULRunner-based desktop version of Skywriter/Bespin.

Mozilla have announced that the Mozilla Labs HMTL 5 text editor project ‘Bespin’ has been renamed to Mozilla Skywriter, and has moved to GitHub. It will remain a Mozilla Labs project.

In the GitHub repository, all of the ‘Bespin’ tags have been changed to ‘Skywriter,’ and the build tooling is still in the process of being built. The existing bespinclient repository is currently still available.

The team are planning on creating a XULRunner-based desktop version of Skywriter, and a new, customisable server version based on node.js. The team are also in the process of changing the tooling to JavaScript.


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