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MOTODEV Studio 2.1 Gets Ready for Android 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Seam 3.0.0 Beta1 and SpringSource Tool Suite 2.6.0M1 released.

First Beta of Seam 3.0.0

Seam 3.0.0.Beta1 has been released. This is the first release of all Seam modules in a single downloadable bundle. The beta provides a CDI-based port of “most” of the AJAX remoting features from Seam 2.x, in addition to a new Model API. The second beta is currently scheduled for 11th February, with the Seam team focusing on testing and polishing the code, JavaDoc and reference documentation for each module.

WANdisco Release Subversion Binaries

WANdisco have released certified Subversion 1.6.15 binaries for free download. The binaries include additional enhancements and bug fixes, including a fix for a server-side crash that could occur when using SVNParentPath. WANdisco have recently been criticised by the ASF following some blogs the company posted regarding Subversion. See our interview with CEO David Richards for more information on the dispute.

First Milestone Release of SpringSource Tool Suite 2.6.0

SpringSource Tool Suite 2.6.0M1 has been announced. In this milestone build, the Spring Project Wizard has been updated, and the content assist performance and syntax highlighting for Groovy have both been improved.

MOTODEV Studio Gets Ready for Honeycomb

Following the release of the Honeycomb Preview SDK last week, MOTODEV Studio 2.1 is available. The Honeycomb preview works with MOTODEV Studio, with “some limitations” including slow performance of the emulator image. The full list of known issues can be viewed online. MOTODEV Studio 2.1 updates the App Validator, first introduced in MOTODEV Studio 2, with new functionality for testing against device specifications and for conditions that could bar an App from appearing in the Android Market, for certain classes of devices.

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