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Morphlabs Launch mCloud Series in the U.S

Jessica Thornsby

Morphlabs have announced the launch of its mCloud series in the U.S market.

The mCloud series consists of Morphlabs mCloud Controller version 2.1 and mCloud Server. The Morphlabs mCloud Controller converts commodity hardware into a cloud, while the Morphlabs mCloud Server provides a fully contained cloud computing environment. The mCloud series can be used to create a graphical map of a system, for identifying the location of problem points, and provides a separate interface for application development. All deployed applications are automatically backed up and the most recent versions maintained, should the developer need to revert to one of these older versions.

According to the press release, GoGoTech and ZeroLag are already planning to implement the mCloud series.

mCloud is available in three editions: mCloud Controller, mCloud Server and mCloud On-Demand.


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