Architecture Shake-Up

More Structure for Eclipse Modeling Project?

Jessica Thornsby

After Kim Moir announced her appointment to the Eclipse Architecture Council and hinted at a few changes she’d like to see at Eclipse, Kenn Hussey has also written a blog on his appointment to the Council.

He wants to see more structure brought to the Modeling project at Eclipse, and sees architecture as the way to achieve this.

“With the number of Modeling projects growing at an alarming rate (60+ and counting), it’s going to be increasingly important to “bring order to the chaos,” or risk the loss of potential consumers and contributors due to frustration, confusion, or both,” he writes.

He cites the Sphinx modeling tool platform, and the Modeling Amalgamation Project as examples of Eclipse being pushed in the right direction, but sees this as only the beginning.

His blog comes after Dave Carver posted a bug calling for a structural shake-up of the Eclipse WTP project.


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