More Ideas For Proposed Eclipse Sketch


The Sketch API proposal is currently gathering community at, but the developers are still hard at work discussing ideas and re-defining the project.

In a blog post, Ugo Sangiorgi has revealed a few ideas the Sketch team are playing around with. These include gesture recognition, where the API would translate a set of configurable gestures into commands for moving, resizing, and the like. The team are also debating whether to faithfully recreate the recognised element as the user has sketched it, or reinterpret it as a standard representation. Another point of debate is whether the user should be required to approve Sketch’s recognition, instead of engaging the user in a dialogue whenever the program is unsure about a diagram.

All of the above ideas are currently being discussed over at the Sketch Forum/Newsgroup. Anyone interested in the project, is encouraged to sign up and join in the conversation.


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