Directorial debut for MongoDB

MongoDB-as-a-service for private rolled out by ScaleGrid, in MongoDirector

Chris Mayer

With MongoDB claiming its spot as most talked about NoSQL database, new solutions seem to appear daily. Meet one of them managing the joint.

Of all the NoSQL databases emerging at the moment, there appears to be one constant discussion taking place – are you using MongoDB?

It appears to be the open source, document-oriented NoSQL database solution of choice, mainly due to its high performance nature, its dynamism  and its similarities to the JSON data structure (in BSON). Despite being written in C++, it is attracting attention from developers of different creeds. Its enterprise level features have helped a fair bit in its charge up the rankings to leading NoSQL database, with it being the ideal datastore for highly scalable environments. Just a look at the latest in-demand skills on shows you that 10gen’s flagship product has infiltrated the enterprise well and truly.

Quite often, an enterprise can find the switch from SQL to NoSQL daunting and needs a helping hand. Due to this, many MongoDB-related products are arriving just as quickly as MongoDB converts The latest of which to launch as a public beta is MongoDirector from Seattle start-up ScaleGrid. MongoDirector offers an end-to-end lifecycle manager for MongoDB to guide newcomers along.

It provides a ‘single pane of glass’ to manage MongoDB deployments, meaning the user can follow a less complex automated MongoDB lifecycle, and more importantly to the coffers, reduce operational costs and long lead times. This latest release supports provisioning, cloning, monitoring, restore and backup of either standalone or clustered MongoDB deployments.

It is only available to two private cloud hubs: VMware’s vCenter and Citrix’s Cloudplatform, powered by Apache Cloudstack, but public cloud provisioning support includes AWS EC2, Rackspace and Joyent, with migration across apparently simple.

“Database-as-a-Service has become one of the standard services organizations are looking to consume on the cloud, however the complexity in deployment, configuration and management of this service is still a barrier to adoption in the enterprise private clouds,” said Peder Ulander, Vice President of Product Marketing, Cloud Platforms Group at Citrix. “ScaleGrid provides a simple and easy way for our customers to deploy and manage MongoDB on their CloudPlatform deployments.”

Interestingly enough, the two founders of ScaleGrid, Dharshan Rangegowda and Ankit Bhatia, initially wanted a product surrounding SQL but quickly spotted the gap for a MongoDB-as-a-service through chatting to fellow developers. Speaking to CloudStack, Dharshan said: “We were at a local Seattle big data series earlier this year. Most of the attendees were from startups that were using public or private cloud solutions. When we saw the level of interest around MongoDB, we knew we needed a solution.”

With one complex problem solved, it’s more than likely that more MongoDB-centric solutions will emerge in the coming months. Check out the MongoDirector Presentation below:


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