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MongoDB adds paid support for community edition

Coman Hamilton
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With a new approach to production support, MongoDB is giving frugal community edition users a taste of the enterprise experience

MongoDB has just made it easier to stay in this in-between area by adding the enterprise-style production support to its community edition.

Access to the NoSQL database’s global support service was previously limited to MongoDB’s paid enterprise edition, which adds features like advanced security, trainings for developers, easy integration with monitoring tools and disaster recovery.

But for teams that don’t have the budget or need for those features, MongoDB is now making its support service available to users of its economy edition (for an added price). The support will set you back a monthly fee $250 per production server or just $125 for each QA or testing server.

Popular demand

In an official blog post, marketing director Meghan Gill said that popular demand from MongoDB’s community played a role in the new support feature.

Over the past few years, we’ve heard from many users that they love our Community Edition, and wish there was a simple way to buy support for it. Now there is.

The added support brings 24/7 access, a two-hour SLA as well as advice from MongoDB’s support engineers.

While this might make the jump to enterprise edition easier for many companies, it will also make the community edition of the open-source database more appealing to cash-strapped startups that need a little support with their NoSQL database.

MongoDB, which is the world’s fifth most-popular database system will also soon be adding a new CEO to its ranks, as Max Schireson is replaced by VC Dev Ittycharia.
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