JCR 1.0 Implementation

ModeShape 1.1.0.Final

Jessica Thornsby

ModeShape version 1.1.0 is available.

ModeShape is a JCR 1.0 implementation that provides access to stored content, through a JCR view of information such as files systems, databases, other repositories, services, and applications.

ModeShape supports JCR Level 1 and Level 2 features, in addition to the optional locking, versioning, and observation features defined by the JSR-170 specification. It also supports queries with Xpath, JCR-SQL2 and full-text search languages.

ModeShape 1.1.0.Final adds support for JCR versioning, and introduces new features including a WebDAV server module and a JCR connector. It also updates the import from System and Document views.

More information is available at the Release Notes.

ModeShape 1.1.0.Final has yet to be certified as fully compliant with JCR 1.0. The ModeShape project now plans to focus on attaining this certification.