Modeling Tool Platform ‘Sphinx’ Proposed As Eclipse Project


‘Sphinx’ has been proposed as an open source Eclipse project.

Sphinx will provide an open and extensible modeling tool platform for the creation of integrated modeling tool environments (IME) used in software and systems development. It will support both individual and multiple modeling languages, which can be either UML-based or native DSLs.

Sphinx will provide a domain- and vendor-independent interoperability layer; support for controlled and coordinated management either of individual modeling tool components or of entire modeling tool chains. Sphinx doesn’t intend to be a replacement for the various components of the Eclipse Modeling Project, but to provide the glue necessary to orchestrate these components in a consistent manner.

Sphinx will be built on top of the Eclipse Platform and Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF.) The initial code contribution will come from the AUTOSAR Tool Platform (Artop) a project for providing common base functionality for creating modeling tools supporting the AUTOSAR standard.

A first release of Artop based on Sphinx is tentatively scheduled for July 2010. They are currently calling for feedback at the eclipse.modeling.mdt forum.


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