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Mistakes you should avoid while testing an app

Udita Nawal

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Learning from mistakes and never repeating them is great, but why make mistakes? In this article you will learn how to avoid mistakes when testing an app.

Developing the perfect app is not a complex process, but getting it right is the important thing here. There is one good reason why blunders should be avoided: failing to meet a client’s expectations and disappointing users will send you right into oblivion. Since the task of testing a mobile app is as important as the development process itself, it makes sense to concoct a list of blunders which happen all the time —but should be avoided at all costs.

Here is what you should keep in mind at all times if you want your app to be perfect:

The importance of a first impression 

UX is a part of app design, and is widely considered the visual identity of your app. UX indicates how users experience all the things in your app; if you want to offer them a long-lasting impression, it makes sense to create a flawless design. Don’t forget to test the UX design of your app though!

Excess is bad

Adding too many functionalities thinking that they would impress the user and keep him engaged is something which should be avoided —instead of impressing the user, you will end up confusing him. It’s better to keep things simple because simplicity is always a good idea. Don’t forget to test the functions and their usability, check whether they are needed or not. Create a blueprint of essential functionalities, keep things simple and easy and focus on one or two things and make them phenomenal.

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Web and app testing don’t mix well

Web and app testing may sound similar, but they are as different as they can be. The web is (at times) slow and static while the concept of the mobile app is highly dynamic and evolves depending on the user’s requirements. Unlike websites, mobile apps need to be updated on a monthly basis.

Crash logs

The app’s rating totally depends on the users’ experience; if they found any crash while navigating the app, then your app may have a lower rating. It’s better to take precautions, test the crash logs carefully and review the tested reports of all the crash occurrences. This will help the tester too because the detailed report will prevent further crashes.

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Work smart, not hard

Users have varied mobile devices with different operating systems, which means that you cannot foresee the device and OS the user has —so you have to be prepared. The best solution in this case is to restrict the functions and try to focus on those which make your app exceptional and practical. Market demands and user activity can be easily examined through Google Analytics and backend logs in order to prioritize the most important device, test case and OS and test accordingly.

Mobile apps make our lives more comfortable, so the importance of mobile testing should never be underestimated if your goal is to create a perfect app. Professionals should leave nothing to chance because otherwise jumping on the development bandwagon may cause serious damage.

Udita Nawal
Udita Nawal is a young creative writer at Konstant Infosolutions, a mobile app and web development company. She loves to share her technical knowledge by writing interactive & informative blogs. Busy with only two tasks — reading and writing.

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