Cloudy security for OpenStack?

Mirantis teams up with Cloud Foundry

Natali Vlatko
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Mirantis have joined Cloud Foundry but won’t be embarking on its own cloud distribution. Calling it a strategic move, Mirantis plans to remain the pure play OpenStack company and focus on integrating best-in-class outside technologies.

The B2B cloud computing company Mirantis has announced that it’s joining the ranks of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. However, CMO and Co-Founder Boris Renski has stated that unlike HP or IBM, there is no intention to build a Mirantis Cloud Foundry distribution.

Renski went on to add that the company would keep attention squarely on OpenStack and the best way to give customers a choice in how they architect their cloud. This choice would revolve around the PaaS layer, with the goal being to get anything and everything to run on OpenStack.

Making a secure move

The Mirantis announcement has come in the wake of the news that Nebula, one of the first pure-play OpenStack companies, has ceased all operations. The Nebula Management Team has assured its customers that private clouds are still operational, however now without support. Other OpenStack vendors such as Red Hat, IBM and HP have been recommended for customers moving forward.

For Renski, this news is quite telling of what the company anticipates for PaaS in the future:

We are also keeping a singular focus on OpenStack because we anticipate the PaaS market evolving towards a collision track that may make many promising startups and technologies irrelevant. […] History is bound to repeat itself with a similar shakeout around PaaS as we are seeing in OpenStack today.

Rather than delve into the PaaS market, which is dominated by the likes of Cloud Foundry, Docker and OpenShift, Renski and Mirantis just want to make is easier to run whatever floats your boat on OpenStack.

Whether it’s the owner of PaaS APIs and an unsexy technology stack like Cloud Foundry, or the container standard sovereign that lags behind on container orchestration like Docker, Renski’s mission is to make sure it works best on OpenStack, and “joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation is an important step in that direction”.

CEO of Cloud Foundry Sam Ramji has also chimed in on the move, saying “Mirantis and the OpenStack community are doing important work at the infrastructure level of the stack”.

Natali Vlatko
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