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The new MIPS Creator CI20 vs Raspberry Pi B+

Coman Hamilton
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MIPS have announced a circuit-board computer to compete with the Raspberry Pi. Which one wins on price, size and specs?

The world’s favourite circuit-board computer is being met with yet another attempt to eat into the growing market for DIY micro-computing. Made for Android 4.4 or Debian 7, the MIPS Creator CI20 is designed for easier DIY projects with wireless internet and a preloaded OS.

As with the Raspberry Pi, the manufacturers of the CI20 are claiming the device is intended for use in smart electronics, robotics and home automation. The recent launch of the Raspberry Pi A+ saw the UK-based manufacturers heading towards smaller cost, size and power usage, leaving room for MIPS to offer better specs.

Big multimedia specs vs small size and price

While the Raspberry Pi b+ still wins on size and affordability, the MIPS brings better CPU, built-in storage and overall better specs for multimedia projects. The CI20’s graphics core allows for 1080p video (at 60 frames/s), while its HDMI port allows a monitor to be attached.

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Although Nvidia, BeagleBone and Advanced Micro Devices have launched similar products, the MIPS comes closest to the Raspberry Pi’s price range. Still, the question for most consumers will be: does better multimedia specs justify paying twice the price for a MIPS Creator CI20?

MIPS Creator CI20 

Raspberry Pi Model B+

Price $65 / £50 $30 / £25
Size 90.2 mm x 95.3 mm 85.60 x 56 mm
Weight Not yet specified 45 g (1.6 oz)
Graphics PowerVR SGX540 Roadcom VideoCore IV
Processor 1.2GHz Ingenic JZ4780 dual-core CPU 700 MHz ARM1176JZF-S single-core CPU
Memory 1 GB 32-bit DDR3 512 MB
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 None
Storage 8 GB NAND flash No internal storage
SD SD and SD expansion slot MicroSD
Network 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet
Camera connector ITU-R BT.645 standard dedicated (for SMOS camera) 15-pin MIPI camera interface (CSI)
USB 1 x USB host, 1 x USB OTG 4 x USB 2.0


Designed for Debian 7 and Android 4.4; OS comes preloaded; Arduino support not yet confirmed


Recommended for Raspbian; 20+ alternatives, including Firefox OS


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