Cloud Computing Service

‘Mike’ for Java-Based Projects

Jessica Thornsby

Mike, a new Cloud based service, has just been launched.

Mike’s mission is to help deliver control and consistency for Java-based development projects across distributed software teams. It also aims to allow teams to manage their build environments whilst ensuring that all developers have the same view of the build and related tools, even if geographical distances are involved. Mike utilises Amazon EC2 hosting.

Mike implements a number of security features, including protecting source code with token-based authentication and encrypted channels. Network communication within Mike is encrypted using either key or token-based authentication, and outbound network access from a Mike build is proxied and validated.

Mike supports Ant, Maven and Eclipse. Mike can start, stop and deploy to application servers and containers, including versions 5 and 6 of Apache Tomcat, Jetty and Glassfish. Support for more programming languages and environments is planned for later in 2010. Prices start from $10 per month.


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