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Microsoft Fund Scala for .NET Project

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, new IDE for Clojure.

Microsoft Fund Scala for .NET Project

Microsoft is funding a project to make Scala available for .Net developers.

“By using Scala on .Net, developers can produce applications more quickly and have the possibility of deploying them across the two major industry platforms, JVM and .Net,” said Miguel Garcia, about the project.

According to Miguel, most users who have Scala programs working on the JVM only need to recompile it with the Scala.Net compiler. Please note that, currently, Scala programs cannot use libraries in .Net that are compiled using CLR generics. A Visual Studio plugin for Scala with support for basic IDE functionality (for example, code completion, code browsing and line breaks) is expected to be released in the autumn. A “how to” guide is available now (PDF.)


Spring Integration 2.0.5 Released

Spring Integration 2.0.5 has been released. This version addresses 48 issues, including adding the ‘delimiters’ attribute to the <splitter> element, and adding wildcards support for header-filter. Other new additions include additional mail headers for the mail:header-enricher, and cacheLevel property for jms:message-driven-channel-adapter configuration. JavaMail has been upgraded to version 1.4.4. More information on the 48 issues addressed in this release, can be viewed at the Release Notes.


Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1 Supports VM Cloning

Oracle have released version 4.1 of their Oracle VM VirtualBox virtualisation software package. This release introduces support for copying existing VMs. VM cloning can be used for backing up a VM, as oppose to snapshots, or giving people their own VMs to use. Linked Clones, where the existing vm is the parent of the clone, are also supported in 4.1. ‘UDP Tunneling’ has been introduced to allow users to interconnect virtual machines running on different hosts. More information on the new features in version 4.1, can be found in the ‘What’s in Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1?’ article. There is also a list of bug fixes, listed at the Changelog.


Spring Data Redis 1.0.0 M4 Upgrades Spring Framework

The fourth milestone of Spring Data Redis 1.0.0 can be downloaded now. This release introduces a Spring 3.1 cache implementation for the Redis key-value store. The pub-sub namespace has been simplified, and the Spring Framework has been upgraded to 3.1 M2 and Jedis to 2.0.0. The build system has also been changed to Gradle. More information is available at the Changelog.


Apache Commons Lang Reaches 3.0

The Apache Commons Lang project has reached version 3.0. The Lang project provides helper utilities for the java.lang API, such as String manipulation methods, basic numerical methods and object reflection, and contains enhancements to java.util.Date. From this release, Commons Lang is now Java 5-based, and introduces some additional classes related to multi-threaded programming below the java.util.concurrent package. This includes a configurable ThreadFactory implementation or utility methods. Some deprecated parts of the API, along with some features that were deemed weak or unnecessary, have been dropped for version 3.0. These include the StringEscapeUtils.escapeSql method, the JVMRandom class, and various Exception classes.

Please note that Lang 3.0 is not backwards compatible.


New IDE for Clojure

A new IDE for Clojure, Clooj, is available from GitHub. Clooj is written in Clojure, uses a swing-based GUI, and is cross-platform, assuming Java 1.6 is installed on the operating system. Clooj runs as both a standalone application and as a Clojure editor embedded in another Java or Clojure app. The source code editor currently features highlighting functionality, for example mismatched or unmatched brackets are highlighted in pink; and automatic indenting.

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