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And the 2016 JCP EC Members are…

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2016 JCP EC

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The results of the 2016 JCP Executive Committee (EC) Election have been revealed. Newly elected EC Members take their seats on Tuesday, 29 November 2016 and their first meeting will be a teleconference on Tuesday 13 December at 7 am Pacific time.

Heather VanCura, Java Community Leader at Oracle, revealed in a blog post that there was an increase in JCP Member voter turnout at 36 percent overall; 25 percent for Full and Partner Members, and 75 percent for Associate Members. This year, there were 7 Ratified, 6 Elected and 2 Associate Seats open for election.

Here are the 2016 JCP EC Election results:

  • Ratified Seats: Gemalto M2M GmbH, Goldman Sachs, MicroDoc, NXP, SAP, Software AG, and V2COM will serve a 2-year term.
  • Elected Seats: Eclipse, London Java Community and Azul Systems will serve a 2-year term;  Twitter, Tomitribe (new EC Member) and Hazelcast will serve a 1-year term.
  • Associate Seats: Ivar Grimstad (new EC Member, 2-year term), Werner Keil (1-year term).
EC Members take their seats on Tuesday, 29 November 2016.

Take a look at the 2015 and 2014 JCP EC members and see if you can spot some re-elected members:


Ratified Seats: Credit Suisse, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Red Hat and Sociedade de Usuários da Tecnologia Java – SouJava

Open Election Seats: Eclipse Foundation, London Java Community and Twitter


Ratified Seats: Freescale, Gemalto M2M GmbH, Goldman Sachs, MicroDoc, SAP, Software AG, TOTVS and V2COM

Open Election Seats: ARM Inc., Azul Systems, Hazelcast, Inc., Werner Keil and Geir Magnusson Jr

The EC is a cross-section of both major stakeholders and other members of the Java Community. Responsibilities: select JSRs for development, approve draft Specifications for Public Review, approve Final Specifications, review TCK appeals, approve Maintenance revisions and possibly defer some features to a new JSR, approve transfer of maintenance duties between members and provide guidance to the Program Management Office (PMO)
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