Maven To Move From Plexus To Guice


The Maven team have announced that the forthcoming Maven version 3 will be built on Google’s Guice. Maven has previously been built on Plexus. The Maven team are currently working on a compatibility layer for existing components.

Guice is an open source software framework that aims to alleviate the need for factories and the use of new in your Java code.

In a blog post, founder of the Apache Maven project Jason van Zyl cited Guice’s similarity to their current Plexus model, as one of the big reasons behind the move. He foresees little difficulty in building a compatibility layer between the two. The ability to write a comparability layer atop whatever framework the team chose – a feature that allows for backwards-compatibility – was another major factor attracting the Maven team to Guice. Zyl acknowledges that it isn’t practical to port Maven to a new framework, because of the effort the community has put into building Maven plugins based on Plexus. “We had to find a way to support existing plugins, and existing extensions,” he said. In fact, Zyl believes the move to Guice will benefit the community. “When your project or production uses a standard tool, you increase the audience that can customize it.”

He reveals the team did consider adapting Plexus to suit Maven 3’s needs, but decide that it was illogical to commit time and money, to solving a problem that had already been solved by others.

Unstable preview releases of Maven 3 are available from the project website.

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