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Maven integration with Eclipse Web Tools Platform: m2e(clipse) 0.15 wtp released

Chris Mayer

Bug fixes and improvements aplenty for the JBoss Tools project

Another treat for those who love Maven, as JBoss announced the release of the latest incarnation of m2e(clipse) 0.15 wtp – the Maven integration for Eclipse Web Tools Platform project.

Fred Bricon released details of the latest bug fixes and features within m2e-wtp on JBoss Central. Amongst the things that were new included improved packaging options for EAR projects, especially for JBoss’s AS server. There’s also the addition of a warnings when unsupported dependencies are detected and improved handling of dependencies in war projects.

Thankfully, conflicting facets when changing the packaging of a Java EE project have been removed, meaning it should be easy to upgrade a Java utility project. It should be smoother sailing ahead with these upgrades, figuratively speaking. 

The future for m2e-wtp looks bright too as Bricon revealed that plans were in place to include a new Eclipse to Maven project conversion API within m2e 1.1. Great news, we say.

Further detail on each change in this release can be found here. The community is needed to help push the project too, via pull requests and general contributions and details on how you can help are found within the post.

m2e-wtp 0.15.0 is compatible with the JavaEE distributions of Eclipse Helios and Indigo, requires at least m2e 1.0 (works with 1.1) and mavenarchiver plugin >= 0.14.0 (0.15.0 should be automatically installed).

m2e-wtp can be installed from :

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