Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Build Tools

Maven, Ant and More in JAXmag!

Jessica Thornsby

Latest issue of JAXmag moves to the world of build tools!

JAXmag is celebrating its third issue, by turning its attention to the world of build tools! Regardless of where you fall on the Maven/Ant divide, and whether you prefer defining build logic with XML, or programming languages such as Groovy and Ruby, this issue has something for everybody! We take a look at the latest Maven release – 3.0 – whilst also examining how exactly Apache Maven arrived at this release, with ‘Apache Maven 2: Effective Implementation’ co-author Brett Porter. If you’re more an Apache Ant fan, then Jim Fuller has some recipes from his ‘ Apache Ant Recipes for Web Developers’ book, guaranteed to get you coding! There’s also an introduction to the Groovy powered toolkit Gradle, courtesy of Etienne Studer from Swiss based Canoo Engineering, and an overview of Pulse and Gant, for those who want to try something new.

As ever, JAXmag is absolutely free – just pop your email address in our online form, and we’ll send you a personalised download link, straight to your inbox! Hope you enjoy the issue!

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