Seal cuts loose

MariaDB relocates to GitHub

Lucy Carey

MySQL and NoSQL “missing link” marks development milestone as project migrates into new official home.


Notorious MySQL usurping seal MariaDB marked a new developmental milestone yesterday with the announcement that, going forward, the project will be using GitHub and git for source code management.

According to a release from its warders at the MariaDB Foundation, the migration will be happening from Launchpad and the bzr tool. They added that 10.1 server development – which is currently undergoing heavy duty tooling – will also now take place over at GitHub. Check here for all the action.

The move comes after a banner 2013 for the MySQL fork, which saw the software woo Wikimedia, Fedora and Red Hat away from the Oracle to the open source offshoot. Recent research which suggests that “the gravitational pull Oracle exerts on members of the MySQL ecosystem is diminishing” has been backed up with the adoption of Maria 10 by Google and Red Hat – and where giants go, smaller players tend to follow.

As Peter Zaitsev noted earlier this year, a big goal for the RDMS in 2014 will be to carry on introducing new capabilities in the product whilst also ensuring backward compatibility with MySQL for those who maintain Linux distributions – certainly no mean feat.

Ultimately, the project intends to relocate the 10.0, 5.5, 5.3, 5.2, and 5.1 trees to Github, but for now at least, fixes will continue to go into the 10.0 or 5.5 trees on Launchpad using bzr.

The Foundation advises that former maria-captains should now send their GitHub IDs to the maria-developers mailing list to ensure they are afforded similar ranking in the new dev grounds.
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