Watch Christoph Henkelmann's Machine Learning Conference 2019 session

Machine learning: TensorFlow Training on the JVM

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machine learning

At Machine Learning Conference 2019 in Munich, Christoph Henkelmann gave a talk about TensorFlow training on the JVM. We recorded the whole thing, and now you can watch it here (including slides) to learn all about how to combine a TensorFlow model with Java.

While the machine learning world is almost completely dominated by Python these days, commercial projects often run on the Java Virtual Machine. In such a context, it may be necessary to combine a TensorFlow model with Java. To prevent code duplication and make accessing existing JVM infrastructures easier, this talk shows how to train and run a TensorFlow Model from the JVM.


machine learningChristoph Henkelmann holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Bonn. He is currently working at DIVISIO, an AI company from Cologne, where he is CTO and co-founder. At DIVISIO, he combines practical knowledge from two decades of server and mobile development with proven AI and ML technology. In his pastime he grows cacti, practices the piano and plays video games.

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