Watch Michael Kieweg's Machine Learning Conference session

The more data, the better the AI, isn’t it?

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machine learning

In this session, speaker Michael Kieweg will discuss data and AI and the relationship between the two. Get comfortable and watch his session from the Machine Learning conference where he discusses how to tackle challenges related to data quality and how to use data for better artificial intelligence performance.

LEVERTON is developing and utilizing Artificial Intelligence to extract key data from corporate and legal documents. With large volumes of data coming from different sources it is necessary to maintain a healthy level of data quality for deep learning algorithms to learn. In this talk, Michael Kieweg will showcase how LEVERTON tackles challenges related to data quality for good AI performance.


machine learningMichael Kieweg holds a PhD in Mathematics and has been working in Artificial Intelligence for 11 years, including the fields of Computer Vision and on Recommender Systems. For the past 4 years, he has been working at LEVERTON, a company that develops and applies deep learning technologies to automatically extract data from corporate and legal documents. At LEVERTON, Michael leads the Data Science/Machine Learning team which is responsible for developing and improving the Information Extraction algorithms and the in-house Optical Character Recognition pipeline.

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