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Stay in and stream from home: Watch the Machine Learning Conference opening keynote

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Wherever you are, you can livestream the opening keynote for the Machine Learning Conference and join Xander Steenbrugge as he discusses “Cracking open the black box of neural networks”.

Will we see you in Munich? The Conference for Machine Learning Innovation is ready to roll.

Are you looking to enhance your business with Machine Learning? Then the ML Conference is for you. It gives you a comprehensive insight into the principles of Machine Learning and introduces you to the world of ML tools, programming languages, and technologies. Experienced ML speakers from a solid industry background show you how to create real value from Artificial Intelligence using the latest technologies such as TensorFlow, Deep Learning toolkits, Chatbots and much more.

Your invitation has arrived. Tune in and watch the ML Conference opening keynote as it happens live.

Who: Xander Steenbrugge, machine learning engineer

What: “Cracking open the black box of neural networks”

When: Tuesday, June 19, 9:00 – 9:45 Central European Time

Click here to watch and don’t miss a second of the opening keynote.

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Previously, we sat down with Xander and discussed neural networks. Find out what Xander Steenbrugge had to say about one of the major problems with current Deep Learning techniques and prepare yourself for his opening keynote.


Interested in diving deeper into what the ML Conference has to offer? Take a peak at these two interviews with ML Conference speakers and see what they have to say.

Found the outlier: Detecting sales fraud with machine learning

We spoke to data expert Canburak Tümer about how machine learning is being used to detect fraud in sales transactions. Find out how ML technology is helping to keep this tricky job under control and what it looks for when crunching the data.

Machine Learning algorithms: Working with text data

Deep down ML is a pure numbers game. With very few exceptions, the actual input to an ML Model is always a collection of float values. We talked with Christoph Henkelmann about the way ML algorithms work on words and letters, the difference between image and text and how to handle textual input properly.

Trio of tracks

Business & Strategy

Systems for Machine Learning are structured differently than conventional software systems. Developers and software architects have to rethink their approaches and break new ground. The basis for this is a deep understanding of the potential of machine learning and what added value it can generate for your company. In the track “Business & Strategy”, experts present the basics of Machine Learning systems on the basis of practical examples and make clear what is possible and what may not yet be possible.

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Machine Learning Advanced Development

The track “Machine Learning Advanced Development” is about getting to know the software architecture of Machine Learning systems as practically as possible. It is about the peculiarities of Machine Learning systems that developers should pay attention to, as well as the challenges of data-centered software architectures per se. Experts from leading companies and universities present solutions and provide best practices.

Machine Learning Tools & Principles

Machine Learning also comes with a myriad of tools and frameworks whose use not only simplifies Machine Learning, but often makes it possible for business use in the first place. Experts provide insights into tools such as TensorFlow, cognitive cloud services and APIs for Java, C# and JavaScript.

Follow the ML Conference Twitter for more updates and catch us in Munich – either in person or through livestream!

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Aanchal Iyer
Aanchal Iyer
3 years ago

Great read, it is interesting to learn about machine learning through this conference as it will highlight all the advancements in this field which will be necessary to increase the business and productivity of work. Like Aretove with its new technology solutions also ensures data security which increases work efficiency.