MachBlue Flash Platform Extended To Java Powered Mobiles


Bluestreak Technology have announced that their MachBlue Flash platform for wired and wireless devices has expanded its device support to include new Java powered mobile devices. This means companies can now use MachBlue to deploy custom Adobe Flash-based user interfaces, applications, and web services on mobiles running the Java operating systems.

“Over 90% of consumers with Internet enabled computers access Flash. These consumers have come to expect the same graphically rich Flash-based experiences they enjoy on their computers to also be available on their mobile phones, regardless of device type,” said Julien Blin, JBB Research Principal Analyst and CEO.

The Java 2.0 edition of the MachBlue platform will be built using the Java Mobile Information Device Profile 2.0 specification, developed under the Java Community Process. This edition is compliant with ActionScript 2.0 and Flash 6.0, and comes packaged with Bluestreak Technology’s application development kit, MachBlue Studio.


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