Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration Project

Lyo OSLC SDK Proposed as New Eclipse Project

Jessica Thornsby

Lyo has been proposed for enabling Eclipse users to create OSCL compliant tools.

Lyo has been proposed as a new Eclipse project under the Eclipse Technology Container Project. Lyo will provide an SDK (featuring candidate reference implementations, test suites, and code libraries) to facilitate the adoption of Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) specifications and enable Eclipse users to build OSCL compliant tools. OSLC is a community that targets reducing barriers for lifecycle tool integration, which started by focusing on Application Lifecycle Management, and is currently expanding to include integrations across Product Lifecycle Management and IT Service Management.

The initial contribution will come from the OSLC Tools project, currently open sourced on, which includes reference implements for various OSLC specifications, examples and code snippets, and a test suite for validating OSLC provider implementations. The current codebase is mostly Java code. The proposal is to move this OSLC Tools Project to Eclipse. The project will not create OSLC compliant tools, but will create an SDK that enables others in the Eclipse community to create OSLC-based tool integrations.

The initial contribution is expected in July.

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