Luna Eclipse based Spring and Groovy/ Grails Tool Suite 3.6 now available

Lucy Carey

Built around the Java 8 compatible version of the IDE, the new Spring Tools are swept of bugs and fine tuned with a host of new features.

Eclipse-based developer tools Spring Tool Suite (STS) and the Groovy/Grails Tool Suite (GHz), designed around the crowd pleasing release Luna Eclipse 4.4, which officially dropped a few  weeks ago (click here for the headline features), have now reached version 3.6.

Luna 4.4  is notably the first Eclipse release to feature built in support for Java 8. To this end, Eclipse’s Eclipse’s Java compiler EJC (Eclipse Compiler for Java) and the JDT editor have been tooled to handle Java-8 constructs such as lambda expressions, type annotations and default methods. Thanks to these updates, JDT can now be used in the conversion of anonymous inner classes in lambda expressions. Intelligent code completion  by the code Recommenders project lists the most probable code additions from the Java 8-universe, and nifty tool Snipmatch  allows you to seek out an expandable snippet library code snippets.

As with any big update, with the ascension of Eclipse Luna came the fall of a series of old components, namely, following in the footsteps of GlassFish et al., the native installers: from now on, STS and the GHz will only be available as 64bit and 32bit zip files. This will be the case for newly dropped 3.6, as well as any future releases.

Also new within the Spring Tooling is a wizard for new Spring starter projects, with several new options thrown in. The Wizard New Spring Starter Project, which has been bundled in since version 3.4 of the Spring Tool Suite, allows for the opening of Spring boat directly from the IDE. Other highlights include a bit of general bug swotting, including fixes for endless build loops and memory leaks, as well as minor improvements to the Gradle tooling.

The Spring team will be operating on a revised release schedule for future releases, shipping minor updates more frequently. To this end, 3.6.1 is scheduled to ship on time for SpringOne2GX 2014 in early September, followed by 3.6.2 in October shortly after the Eclipse Luna SR1 release.

You can download Spring and Groovy/Grails’ respective distributions at: and Groovy/Grails Tool Suite:

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