Rui Nogueira interview

A look at the SAP HANA Cloud Platform for Java developers

JAX Editorial Team

What opportunities does SAP HANA Cloud Platform present for developers – and the Java community in particular? JAXenter spoke to product manager Rui Nogueira about the SAP PaaS offering.

The SAP HANA Cloud Platform is a PaaS offerening that aims at helping firms adapt to new challenges in application development and meet the increasing demands of modern users.

And what exactly does that mean, you’re asking? To find out, Sebastian Meyen paid a visit to the SAP officies in Walldorf, Germany to discuss what exactly it is that SAP HANA does best and why Java developers should be interested. Here’s a hint: it involves deploying HTML5, Java and native SAP-HANA applications.

For more on SAP HANA, take a look at Matthias Steiner’s helpful overview of SAP HANA.

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