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London startup of the week: JClarity

Chris Mayer

Continuing our new series, we chat to jClarity’s CEO Ben Evans about their nine month-old startup devoted to helping Java technologists get the performance tools they deserve.

Each week, we’ll be featuring the most exciting and innovative startups in JAXenter’s hometown of London. To nominate startups to be featured on the site, email [email protected].

Week two and we had these guys in mind from the start with this feature. Playing a key role within the Java Community Process and helping run the London Java Community, the attention has turned to the dark art of Java performance tuning for The Well-Grounded Java Developer authors Ben Evans and Martijn Verburg.

Alongside Java performance guru Kirk Pepperdine and their team of notable Java experts, jClarity launched in December 2012 bringing with it a fresh new take on analytics in the Cloud. We talked to their CEO Ben about how their company is tackling some of Java’s sticking points (performance & garbage collection) with some nifty tools.


What’s your elevator pitch? 

Java/JVM performance tools that tell you what the problem is & how to fix it. A performance expert in a software tool, so your developers and ops people don’t need to be performance specialists. End result: Your application or site recovers from outages faster, and your customers don’t start leaving. 

How long has the company been going?

Nine months – in that time we went from company formation to initial launch.

How many staff are there, and what do they do?

CEO / BizDev, CTO, 2 developers, Chief Scientist / Research.

Where are your offices based, and what are they like inside? 

We have a dedicated suite at Shoreditch Works – lots of white walls, natural light, good coffee. The private suite is a perfect balance for us – we get space where we can really focus, but still feel plugged in to the Shoreditch Works community & part of something really special.

What technologies are you working with (client and server side)? 

HTML5 & JavaScript for the front-end, Java & x64 assembler is the server side, Mongo for some data storage stuff, Chef for devops, Github for most SDLC lifecycle tasks. Our release cycle is about once a month for the product, with minor bugfixes being deployed on an as-need basis.

What are the company’s plans for the future?

Our tools in the hands of developers & ops folk that need them. Reducing the stress levels of our fellow technologists. Building our piece of the “real Cloud”. Keeping up the intensity & building tools that raise the standard of the industry.

What are your three top tips for wannabe entrepreneurs?

1.) Cashflow & cost control because they’re the lifeblood of any small business. Watch the incoming cashflow carefully, don’t be afraid to spend money if you need to, but always know exactly what you’re spending and why. 

2.) Integrity because: “This is a handshake & reputation business – act like it.” – Kirk Wylie, (CEO OpenGamma). 

3.) Determination because there will be some dark days & as an entrepreneur you have to be the one to push through them & help your team to do likewise.

Learn more about jClarity and their tools (CensumjPDM and jMSR) here

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