-4 Now Uses Drupal


The newly unveiled website has implemented the open source, PHP-based content management system, Drupal.

Drupal is used to publish, manage and organise a variety of web-based content. In particular, it facilitates the registration and maintenance of individual user accounts within a flexible permission / privilege system, and the creation and management of menus and RSS-feeds. It can also be used to customise page layouts, performance logging, and in general system administration.

The latest version, DRUPAL-7-0-ALPHA2 was released on 21st February, 2010. This version updated jQuery Form and Farbtastic to the latest releases, removed the prepared statement caching in order to save memory, and upgraded Drupal’s system requirements to at least MySQL 5.0.15.

The Drupal-powered London website features new page navigation, improved accessibility, and additional relevant content.


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