Can't make it to JAX London 2018? No problem!

Livestream the opening keynotes for JAX London 2018!

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JAX London 2018 has officially opened and we’ve got you covered if you can’t make it to the UK this year. We’re livestreaming today’s keynote for JAX London 2018. So, set your alarms for 9:00 and 13:45 GMT if you want to tune into today’s keynotes.

JAX London is our favorite conference for cutting-edge software engineers and enterprise-level professionals. JAX brings together the world’s leading innovators in the fields of Java, microservices, continuous delivery, and DevOps.

With over 60 workshops, sessions and keynotes from over 40 speakers and industry experts from around the world, you just can’t miss a thing. But sometimes, you just can’t make it to the UK. So, we’ve got you covered! We’re reporting live from London this year, with livestreams of today’s keynotes!

Watch the opening keynote live here:

Continuous Delivery is better for your Brain – Daniel Jones

9:00 am GMT

Continuous Delivery makes it possible to exploit findings of cognitive psychology and neuroscience to increase the productivity and happiness of our teams. This session will highlight fascinating academic research that answers:

• How can we improve willpower and decrease technical debt?

• Is the present bias real? How can we turn it to our advantage?

• Can you increase a team’s effective IQ?

• How do DevOps and Product Teams increase empathy, and what impact does empathy have on productivity?

The OECD and Bank Of England are both puzzled over missing productivity. Are we failing to exploit the benefits of modern technology by running our software businesses and teams as if they’re post-war factories, rather than continuously delivering?


What does Cloud Native Java really mean to developers?

13:45pm GMT

Cloud Native’ is one of those buzzwords we hear all the time but the concepts behind seem to be quite fuzzy. Some think that it’s all about virtualizing existing architecture paradigms so that they just run on Cloud platforms. Others say that only Spring Boot/Cloud can make you Cloud native, while some seem to pack everything into Docker and run it with Kubernetes. We’d like to discuss together with some experts — and with you, all the attendees! — the flavors of Cloud Native, what Java devs have to learn (and maybe to unlearn), and why we should care about Cloud Native development.


See you at JAX London 2018!

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