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Livestream the opening keynote from DevOpsCon 2018!

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Can’t make it to Munich this year for DevOpsCon? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with a livestream of this year’s opening keynote speech from Ronnie Chen! Tune in to see the keynote live at 9:00 CET.

DevOpsCon is one of the premier conferences for CI/CD, microservices, containers, cloud computing, and lean business in Germany. It’s taking place between December 3-6th in Munich, with over 50 workshops, sessions, and keynotes from international speakers and industry experts.

Can’t make it out to Munich this year? While you’ll miss out on our expo with top IT companies, we’d hate to deprive you of our insightful keynotes. So, we’re livestreaming today’s keynote from Ronnie Chen!

Staying Alive: Patterns for Failure Management from the Bottom of the Ocean – Ronnie Chen

9:00 CET

Training for technical diving prepares you for situations in a high pressure environment where failures are unavoidable but also highly dangerous. It means surviving in a hostile environment with limited resources where the failure of individual components can trigger deadly failure cascades. A diver who can’t understand how to do proper post-accident analysis and who hasn’t learned to repeatedly survive through failure is a liability to themselves and to others. This talk uses the framework of technical SCUBA and rebreather diving to talk about patterns for failure management and how they can be applied in an engineering context.


DevOpsConRonnie Chen is an engineering manager at Twitter. Previously, she was a data engineer at Slack and Braintree, and a backend engineer at PayPal. She is a deep sea technical diver and was also the sous chef of a Michelin-starred restaurant in a previous life.


See you at DevOpsCon!

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