Can't make it to JAX DevOps 2019? No problem!

Livestreaming the closing keynotes for JAX DevOps 2019!

JAX DevOps

JAX DevOps 2019 is in full swing and we’re sorry you’re not able to make it to the UK this year. But no worries – we are making sure you don’t miss a thing and we’re livestreaming today’s keynote for JAX DevOps 2019. So, set your alarms for 9:00 and 13:30 GMT if you want to tune into today’s keynotes.

JAX DevOps is a four-day conference for software experts featuring in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies for lean businesses.

With 30+ international speakers and industry experts,  JAX DevOps is the event to watch for software delivery revolution for accelerated delivery cycles, faster changes in functionality and increased quality in delivery.

But sometimes, you just can’t make it to the UK. So, we’ve got you covered! We’re reporting live from London this year, with livestreams of today’s keynotes!

Watch the keynote from Day 2 live here:

Rip it up and start again? – Sam Newman

9:00 am GMT

Much of the attention for microservices architectures trends to focus on the technical aspects. But when you look into the details of organizations that have benefited from this approach, you realize that there is more to getting the most out of microservices than lots of shiny new technology.

In this talk, I’ll show how organizational structures and team responsibilities may need to change if you want to get the most out of adopting a microservice architecture. Looking at traditional IT structures and comparing them with the modern autonomous delivery teams, I’ll explore how to get the organization and architecture working well together. From Conway’s law to Dunbar’s number and two pizza teams, you’ll see how you can start to apply these ideas inside your own company.

Beyond the Spotify Model: using Team Topologies for fast Flow and Organisation Evolution – Matthew Skelton

13:30 GMT

For effective, modern, cloud-connected software systems we need to organize our teams in certain ways. Taking account of Conway’s Law, we look to match the team structures to the required software architecture, enabling or restricting communication and collaboration for the best outcomes.

This talk will cover the basics of organization design using Team Topologies, exploring a selection of key team types, and how and when to use them in order to make the development and operation of your software systems as effective as possible. The talk is based on the forthcoming 2019 book Team Topologies and first-hand experience helping companies around the world with the design of their technology teams.


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