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You don’t need a train ticket to get to Berlin. We are livestreaming sessions from the Blockchain Technology Conference in Berlin so you can watch from home. Discover what international experts have to say and get a deeper understanding of cutting-edge technologies.

In Berlin, we are creating the future of business with blockchain technology at the Blockchain Technology Conference. From November 19 through the 21st, experts weigh in with sessions and workshops, giving insight to a world augmented by ledger technology.

Can’t make it? Have no fear, because we are bringing the goodies to you!

You can livestream two of the Tuesday keynotes from wherever you are. No need to check your bags and go through customs, just sit back and take in some blockchain knowledge.

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Blockchain 2018 – Where are we today?

by Ingo Rammer, co-founder and managing director of Thinktecture AG

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

09:00 – 09:45 CET

In this keynote session, Ingo summarizes the current state of the art and the minimum set of questions every project needs to ask itself before choosing blockchain technologies. He’ll discuss the underlying landscape of public and private blockchain tools, which you’ll hear about throughout the conference. You’ll hear about the ecologic and economic impact of different consensus algorithms (and why the often publicized “mining cost” is not relevant in most business projects) and why the creation of a private blockchain network is less a technical question and more a question of governance models. You’ll leave with a technological roadmap on which you can base your session selection for the remaining days of the conference.

Livestream Ingo Rammer’s keynote session “Blockchain 2018 – Where are we today?” here.

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The state of blockchain economy 2018

by Dr. Philipp Giese (BTC-ECHO), Paul Claudius (Managing Director of BlockState), Vinita Rathi (CEO & Founder of Systango), Ingo Rammer (Manging director of Thinktecture), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katarina Adam (HTW Berlin) and Ha Duong (Cambrial Capital)

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

18:45 – 20:15 CET

State of the art – Where does the German blockchain ecosystem stand?

Where does the German blockchain ecosystem stand on the international scene? What opportunities does this technology offer not only to startups but also to medium-sized businesses? What can and should politicians do to ensure that Germany does not miss the boat? These and other questions will be discussed by our blockchain experts in an interdisciplinary panel. Before we dive into this conversation, attendees will be presented with the results of a recent study by BTC-ECHO and BlockState on the German blockchain ecosystem; the figures will help lead the discussion. The audience is warmly invited to ask questions and join the discussion.

A trio of tracks

Whether you are an expert or just dipping your toe in the waters, the Blockchain Technology Conference has you covered. With three tracks and topics to choose from, there are sessions and workshops for everyone, regardless of how far along on their journey they are.

Here are the available tracks and just two samples of the many sessions on the menu!

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Blockchain Technology 101

The title says it all: Join this track if you are looking for the full 360-degree introduction to blockchain technology. Learn about underlying principles such as game theory, peer-to-peer networks, and cipher algorithms while implementing your first blockchain app with expert advice on suitable programming languages, frameworks and libraries. This track is dedicated to developers and analysts who want to tap into the blockchain market.

Blockchain Impact & Strategy

Look beyond the buzz of crypto currencies. Blockchain technology has the potential to substantially enhance the way businesses and institutions interact with each other. The very concept of trust has been redefined and crucially: distributed. What does that mean for your organization? How will it impact you? Join this track to further your strategic understanding of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Advanced Development

This track is meant for all those who are ready to leverage their business model with blockchain technology. Are you looking for meaningful real-life examples of blockchain applications beyond just the technical lingo? Would you like to receive advice on what you need and what to stay away from in your blockchain strategy? Experts will walk you through their blockchain projects and share their know-how. Get ready for the technical side of blockchain.

Will we see you in Berlin?

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