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LinkedIn’s Kafka Proposed as New Apache Project

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, new Clojure micro-framework and Hibernate Core 4.0.0 Beta2.

LinkedIn’s Kafka Proposed as New Apache Project

Kafka has been proposed as a new project under the Apache Incubator. Kafka is a distributed publish-subscribe system for processing large amounts of streaming data, which includes functionality for loading data into Apache Hadoop for offline, batch processing. Kafka can also act as an intermediate step before further processing, by inserting it into traditional log-processing systems. Kafka was originally developed at LinkedIn to process the events generated by the LinkedIn website, and provide a common repository for consumers to access and process these events. LinkedIn open sourced the project under the Apache license in January 2011. It is written in Scala and depends on Apache ZooKeeper.

According to the project proposal, Kafka aims to fill the gap between messaging systems that can provide high-volume messaging systems but lack persistence of those messages, such as Apache ActiveMQ, and log processing systems, for example Flume and Scribe.


New Milestone Build of Virgo IDE Tooling

The first milestone build of the Virgo IDE tooling following the code contribution from SpringSource, has been released. The Virgo IDE tooling supports bundle, Par and Plan projects, Web Bundles, and deploying to a Virgo Server in the server view.


New Clojure Micro-Framework

Noir is a new micro-framework for developing websites in Clojure. Noir uses the Hiccup library to generate HTML, and requires the leiningen build tool to be installed. The micro-framework is currently being used in production at the Typewire live-blogging service, and can be downloaded from github.

Sapphire 0.3 with New Editor

Sapphire 0.3 is now available. Sapphire is a user interface development framework that aims to allow developers to declare the general intent of how the data is to be presented. In this update, the Sapphire declarative UI language has been expanded to cover basic diagram concepts. Version 0.3 introduces a new form-based editor for Sapphire UI Definition files, and the core modeling framework now only requires Java, which means Sapphire can be used in more scenarios than before. Previously, Sapphire users had to always use string as the reference type, whereas now the developer can use a type other than a string for the reference. More information on the changes, is available at the Enhancements guide.


Hibernate Core 4.0.0 Beta2 Released

The second beta of Hibernate Core 4.0.0 has been announced, with changes that tidy up the new metamodel. Entity-mode information has also been applied to the logical model. More information on the changes, is available at the project’s JIRA.

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