New 'Alloy' Metaframework

Liferay Release Liferay Portal 6EE

Jessica Thornsby

Liferay release version 6EE of their open source portal.

Liferay have announced Liferay Portal 6 Enterprise Edition (Liferay Portal 6EE.)

Liferay Portal 6EE features the new UI metaframework ‘Alloy UI;’ RSS-enabled Wikis, Blogs, and Forums; and OpenSocial support, which allows Google Gadgets to run natively in Liferay. It also comes with a built-in WCM system for web publishing, building new pages, editing, assigning workflows and developing templates.

Liferay Portal 6EE is currently available as a 30-day free trial, while select users of Liferay’s other enterprise portal products, may be eligible for a ‘First Year Free’ offer through Liferay’s ‘Design with Liferay’ program.


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