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This is the final week for any IT masterminds still hoping to book their JAX London ticket with an Early Bird discount. With several prominent programmers announcing new workshops and sessions, there’s never been a better time to grab a ticket!

The countdown to the Early Bird for the JAX London is on and we want to remind you about the great program we have in store. We’ve put the spotlight on DevOps, Microservices, agility and the Java platform – we want to get in on the conversations happening around these popular processes and frameworks.

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New sessions: Spring, Clojure and the Java Memory Model

Java is becoming more functional, along with many other programming languages. Its common to build highly scalable systems in a functional way too. So how are you getting up to speed with Functional programming?

John Stevenson

For anyone looking to make with functional programming, Clojure is know to be simple and focused, thanks to its shorter syntax and interoperability with Java. And that’s why John Stevenson will be joining us at the JAX London for a session on functional programming with Clojure.

Meanwhile Jamie Allen from Typesafe will be there to talk about value, identity and state outside the context of the specifics of how we write code on the JVM, and more importantly: how do these concepts correlate to the programming constructs we use to write code in Java and Scala. And how do we minimise or mitigate the impact of concurrency with them?

Jamie Allen

In his wonderfully titled session “The Java Memory Model and the Mutability Matrix of Pain,” Allen will explore the JVM heap, thread stacks and how to write multi-threaded code in Java and Scala.

Dave Syer

Dave Syer

Finally, we’re excited to have the co-lead of Spring Boot and founder of Spring Batch, Dave Syer in attendance, to teach us to understand and harness those features for maximum benefit. In this recently announced session on Spring Boot, we’ll be learning about the basics of opinionated application configuration and what Spring Boot has to offer the web developer out of the box (hint: content negotiation, internationalization, view templates, security and messaging with websockets). He’ll also be there to show the crowds how to make get started with Spring Cloud.

Early Bird ends August 28th

As always, the Early Bird gets the worm, so sign up now to receive £50 off your ticket. Group discounts are also available for groups of four or more. See you in October!

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