Watch Ambreen Sheikh's DevOpsCon 2018 session

KISS it: Good architecture and design for Continuous Delivery pipelines

JAXenter Editorial Team

The architecture of continuous delivery pipelines is becoming more complicated and complex every day. The purpose of Ambreen Sheikh’s talk is to motivate teams to take a moment and reflect on their Continuous Delivery pipeline architecture for the sole purpose of improvement and encourage them to KISS “Keep it simple, (maybe not stupid)” their continuous delivery architecture all the way.

Ambreen Sheikh shows that sometimes the continuous delivery pipeline architecture of a product ends up being more complicated and resource intensive than the actual product. In this session she intends to highlight the different reasons that may be contributing to the over-complexity of continuous delivery pipeline architectures and talk about different ways to adopt to keep the architecture simple and manageable in the long run.

Ambreen Sheikh is a developer turned CI/CD consultant. She’s been fighting the good fight for over a decade, bringing development and operations together at well-heeled Fortune 500 companies as well as bootstrapping startups. She has provided essential support to many a band of swashbuckling engineers on their quest to deliver great code. She’s super passionate about sharing her findings and experiences with people who enjoy working with CI/CD pipelines.



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